Fertility Centers

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Providing fertility treatment and healthcare to women and gender diverse individuals in BC’s Northern Communities.


Utilizing experience, education and technology to help individuals start and grow their families.

Midwives Association of British Columbia

Midwives listen, observe, educate, guide and care. They order and interpret tests and screen for physical, psychological, emotional and social health. They are with clients during pregnancy, labour and birth, normal and complicated. They catch babies. They do home visits after the baby is born. They help with breastfeeding and adjusting to life with a new baby. They work together and with other health professionals.

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an inclusive and full-service Canadian Surrogacy Consultancy dedicated to helping individuals and couples become families through egg donation and surrogacy.

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The Doula Services Association of BC promotes birth, postpartum and loss doula support across British Columbia. With their "Find a Doula" search engine on the website www.bcdoulas.org, you can find the professional and compassionate support you need. The DSA also has a referral program which connects volunteer doulas with families in need who are referred to the DSA by their care provider.


A personalized and tailored treatment to achieve your dream of parenthood.

Committed to providing fertility treatments that are patient centered, safe, effective, timely, efficient and equitable.

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Personal and individualized fertility services.

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A national organization that empowers Canadians to help reach their reproductive health goals.

Providing support, awareness, information and education; and promoting equal access to fertility treatments. We are Canada’s fertility resource.

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A team of fertility experts who can provide you with comprehensive fertility assessment and treatment. We partner with Olive Fertility Clinic in Vancouver.


Personalized fertility care.