Counselling Services

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Offers a support group for grieving pregnancy.  Provides individual counselling for infertility, miscarriage, grief and loss.


Provides counselling for individuals, couples, marriage and family, infertility, grief and loss.


Provides reproductive health and fertility counselling.

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Pregnancy and infertility counselling services for women an couples with reproductive health concerns.

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fertility issues, coping during fertility treatment, pregnancy, pregnancy loss and termination, postpartum, recurrent miscarriage and stillbirth.

Coast Pregnancy and Postpartum Counselli

Pregnancy, post-partum and reproductive health counselling.

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I offer infertility trauma & grief counselling via teletherapy worldwide. My counselling is tailored to those experiencing stress and anxiety related to infertility trauma and loss from procedures such as IVF/IUI. My support sessions are the perfect accompaniment to fertility treatments and the tough decisions and emotions you might be going through.