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Counselling Services

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Ailey offers a support group for grieving pregnancy.  Provides individual counselling for infertility, miscarriage, grief and loss.

 Vancouver, BC

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Larissa is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in private practice in West Vancouver. Her counselling practice, BE Counselling, is named after her son, Brayden Elijah, who was born still at 38+3 weeks. She conducts research investigating perinatal mental health, maternal bonding, and maternal identity following the loss of a baby as well as supports grieving families through loss. Her rainbow daughter is named Ava which means “life”.

West Vancouver, BC

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Jasmin Abizadeh specializes in:

depression & anxiety in pregnancy and postpartum, birth & reproductive trauma, perinatal grief & loss (e.g. miscarriage, stillbirth, etc.), fertility/ infertility

 Vancouver, BC

Virtual Counselling Options

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Mary Gillis creates a non- judgmental and empathic atmosphere for people dealing with a variety of issues related to pregnancy and pregnancy loss. 

Vancouver, BC

Virtual Counselling Options

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Alexandra's practice focuses on supporting individuals and couples on their journey to wellness, healing, and growth. Alexandra offers pregnancy and infertility counselling services for women and couples with reproductive health concerns.

Vancouver & North Van, BC

Virtual Counselling Options  

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Camas offers counselling for psychological wellbeing across the reproductive journey; including support around pregnancy, postpartum, infertility, reproductive grief & loss, puberty, PMS, menopause and more.

Virtual Counselling Options in BC

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Anya Mostrenko is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in private practice in Mission.

Mission, BC

Virtual Counselling Options

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Chiemi's counselling is tailored to those experiencing stress and anxiety related to infertility trauma and loss from procedures such as IVF/IUI.  Chiemi's support sessions are the perfect accompaniment to fertility treatments and the tough decisions and emotions you might be going through.




Choosing a counsellor is an important personal decision. To help put your mind at ease, be sure to look for an ‘RCC’. Our Registered Clinical Counsellors have met specific educational and training criteria that provide assurance of experience, qualifications and stringent professional and ethical standards.

Online List

Coast Pregnancy and Postpartum Counselli

Our counsellors have a strong interest in working with women in the areas of miscarriage and pregnancy loss, pregnancy, post-partum and reproductive health counselling.

North Vancouver & Surrey, BC

Virtual Counselling Options


Jericho Counselling provides counselling for individuals, couples, marriage and family, infertility, grief and loss.

Vancouver, BC

Virtual Counselling Options in BC


Holly Yager provides effective, evidence-based psychotherapy and counselling support for challenges related to reproductive health & fertility.

Virtual Counselling in BC

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