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Community Impact


 Butterfly Run Vancouver has raised over $219,000 since 2019.

Here is how your money is making a difference...



Virtual Support Group


Have you lost a child during pregnancy, or the postnatal period? Are you feeling alone or isolated in your grief?


The Butterfly Run Vancouver is sponsoring a virtual support group, through a registered clinical counsellor.


Please follow the link to sign up or learn more about the group.

You may also email directly. 


Bereavement Boxes


The Butterfly Run supports local hospitals by providing items for their Bereavement Boxes. This items are then offered to families who experience a pregnancy or infant loss at the hospital.


Would you like to contribute by donating money or items for the boxes? Please contact Butterfly Run Vancouver. 


Send a Comfort Card

Do you know someone needing comfort in their journey with infertility, pregnancy loss, pregnancy after loss, or infant loss?


Please follow the link and the Butterfly Run will send them a comfort card.



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Hummingbird Project

The Hummingbird Project researches the trauma experienced through stillbirth. In 2019, the Butterfly Run supported  Hummingbird Project's research around stillbirth. This research is to be utilized to create a podcast series for those who have recently experienced stillbirth.  This resource will be made available to everyone in the province through the BC Women’s Hospital.


'What is Miscarriage?' Video

The Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic (EPAC) at BC Women's Hospital is working to improve patient resources available on their website. In 2019, the Butterfly Run helped fund an  initiative to research content and  collect data with those who have experienced pregnancy loss. This resulted in the creation of a short educational video explaining what miscarriage is and to answer frequently asked questions before people come to their appointments.  

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MyPostCare is aiming to provide women with virtual support to navigate the initial period of early pregnancy loss through a website-based application and email platform. This platform seeks to overcome barriers of geography, stigma, and culture. By investing in myPostCare in 2020, the Butterfly Run supported research needed to develop the myPostCare tool to help women understand what to expect at each stage of their pregnancy loss recovery. 


Reproductive Mental Health

RMH supports women experiencing mental health challenges during and after pregnancy, including those experiencing pregnancy loss. There is an urgent need for expanded support tools to meet the needs of women in BC. Funding provided from the Butterfly Run in 2020 supported two innovative research projects that will create the new knowledge needed to design online resources. These online resources will allow more families to benefit from RMH when they need it most. 


Aboriginal Mothers Center Society

Butterfly Run 2020 supported the AMCS. AMCS supports Indigenous Women while they are pregnant. In their transformational housing program, they welcome women to reside at their centre while they are pregnant or when their child/ren are in the care of the Ministry - to give them a safe place to live. They also offer resources and support to help the women build life skills and parenting skills so that they have the tools they need beyond the program.


Early Pregnancy ASsessment Clinic (EPAC)

EPAC is working to improve patient education and health resources available on their website. The Butterfly Run 2019 helped to fund an initiative to create more resources online to provide support to those experiencing first trimester pregnancy loss and answer frequently asked questions before people come to their appointments.  

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Fertility Matters Canada

Fertility Matters Canada is a national organization that empowers Canadians to reach their reproductive health goals by providing support, awareness, information, and education.They promote equal access to fertility treatments and offer local/virtual support groups. Butterfly Run 2020 provided funding to their support groups and online advocacy. 

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