The Committee


Kimberly Lockhart


Social Media Director

Kimberly is a mother of five. Her third child Wilder was unexpectedly stillborn at 40w5d in September 2017. The loss of Wilder has made a lasting impact on Kimberly and her family. Kimberly hopes to keep Wilder's memory alive by raising awareness about pregnancy and infant loss, as well as supporting other families facing infant loss.


Laura Markle


While expecting her third child, Laura learned that her son, James, had died in utero at 19 weeks due to unexplained causes. James was intensely loved by Laura and her family and is deeply missed and remembered. James was followed by Estelle (died at 7 weeks in utero) and Nova (died at 11 weeks in utero due to Trisomy 21). Laura’s heart and life have been profoundly impacted by these precious little people. She is joining Butterfly Run Vancouver in memory of James, Estelle, and Nova and to offer support to people experiencing pregnancy loss.


Shola Chan

Website Manager

Fundraising & Silent Auction Director

Shola lost her son Spencer shortly after birth due to a virus in 2016. Since then, she has put herself out there for others who have suffered the devastating loss of an infant. Her hope is that this Memorial walk/run will help other families with the support that is needed so that they can have hope for the future.


Sarah Kiomi Lutz

Event Director


Sarah and her husband Raelan were joyfully expecting identical twin girls when they received a devastating diagnosis of a genetic abnormality in April 2018. Sadly, Amaryllis and Lily died at 24 weeks gestation. This loss has profoundly affected Sarah and her family. Sarah is involved with the Butterfly Run in memory of her beautiful daughters, and hopes that it can create awareness, provide support and end the stigma around late term pregnancy loss.


Leah Brummer


After struggling with years of infertility Leah and her husband Russ were blessed with a beautiful son Colin in 2010. He passed shortly after his birth due to a traumatic birth injury. After the loss of her son they suffered 3 devastating miscarriages. She has since been blessed with two beautiful little girls. Leah has been an advocate for infertility, pregnancy, and infant loss since the death of her son. Her hope is the Butterfly Run will raise awareness for families suffering this type of loss, build a community of support for families, and raise much need funds for education and support.


Becky Lewis

Graphics Designer

Rebecca is the mother to 3 beautiful children. After many years of infertility, and with the help of fertility treatments, Rebecca and her husband welcomed their first daughter in 2016. In October of 2018, their son Bowen unexpectedly passed away due to a cord accident at 37 weeks. In February 2020, again with the help of fertility treatments, Rebecca’s family welcomed their second daughter. The loss of Bowen has created a strong desire for Rebecca to remember her son by sharing their story and empowering other families to talk about their struggles and losses. The Butterfly Run Vancouver is an amazing organization that has given Rebecca and her family the gift of community through an unimaginable loss. 


Maria Blackley

Sponsorship Director

Maria and her husband struggled with infertility and pregnancy loss for almost 4 years. Their first loss was an ectopic pregnancy in 2016 followed by a year and a half of infertility. At the end of 2017 they decided to move forward with IVF. However, unfortunately this was only the beginning of another very difficult year and a half. They had two more losses in 2018 and a second round of IVF that failed them in 2019. They finally conceived and welcomed their beautiful rainbow baby in December of 2019. Maria has joined the Butterfly Run to honor their lost babies and help raise awareness around infertility and pregnancy loss. She has been very open and vulnerable with her experience in hopes of inspiring and empowering other women and couples, giving them strength to get through a seemingly impossible time in their lives.



Run Director

Brooke was expecting her first child in 2020 when at 12 weeks she found out the devastating news that she had suffered a missed miscarriage.  Her baby was and is loved very deeply and the loss has profoundly impacted Brooke and her loved ones lives.    Through her grief, Brooke wanted to channel her pain into advocating for other women who also have experienced such loss.   With very little support for first trimester losses and such stigma and shame around pregnancy loss as a whole, the Butterfly Run 2020 became a way for her to cope with her grief and find a community that shared in her loss. Hoping to spread the word and increase awareness and advocacy for all pregnancy and infant loss, Brooke joined the BRV committee in 2020.


Emily Cordonier 

Media Director


Emily was expecting her third child when she and her husband were elated to find out it was actually twins. But, her pregnancy turned traumatic when she miscarried one of the twins at 16 weeks. Just a few weeks later she also received news that the remaining twin had a serious heart defect. Emily carried her son Lachlan to term but he was born still at 38 weeks. In an effort to honour her twins, as well as try to heal while helping others, Emily joined the organizing committee of the Ottawa Butterfly Run and helped share information to get the Vancouver Butterfly Run started. In 2020, Emily and her family got to move back home to the Westcoast and join with the Vancouver run committee.


Emma Gardner

Silent Auction Facilitator

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